Thursday, February 26, 2009

My name is Preethi Burkholder, from This is my first blog post. I want to focus on a topic that has affected me directly - the recession. I also want to tell you what I am doing to make the best of it and find opportunities buried in it.

There are days in our lives, that we wished had never dawned. Then, there are moments in our lives, that we wish, would pass away quickly. There are seconds in our lives, that we wish had never happened. Every time you feel depressed and discouraged at your state of hopelessness, tell these four words aloud, five times: “This too, shall pass.” Tomorrow is a new day.

The recession has thrown many of us in deep graves. It threw me into a deep grave. I was doing three jobs - one full time and two part time. I lost all three jobs within two weeks. The amazing thing is after the initial shock which lasted about a day, I had more stamina than ever to do what I had always wanted to do. And that was to start my own online writing company from home. I am loving it.

The recession is throwing many of us out of bounce. Losing jobs, losing our homes, marriages breaking up as a result of financial strains, losing health insurance, and the inability to find new employment are just a few examples.

Recessions don’t last forever. America has gone in and out of recession many, many times. Usually, they are not here to stay. Of course, this principle does not apply to every country. Some countries are in perpetual recession. Even the word recession maybe too optimistic for some countries in the developing world. They are in such states of poverty that it is hard to imagine that there are people on this planet living in such poor conditions. America however, has always been resilient.

Don't get disheartened. Find a way to harness this negative energy that the media is throwing, into a positive one. You will make it.

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