Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Preethi Burkholder's financial Aid Workshop

Preethi Burkholder, Editor, Gifted Hands Writing, will be doing a financial aid workshop at the Lafayette Public Library, CO, on Sunday, June 6th at 2.00pm. It is free. For more info write to If you are looking for Emergency grants, there is a foundation called The Mayer Foundation, NY. They give funding for monthly rent, medical bills, food, etc. The Musicians Foundation in NY, funds musicians to cover their living expenses. Yes, these are difficult times and emergency grants can really help. If you are interested in Preethi Burkholder's latest book "Finding the Money: The Complete Financial Aid Guide for Musicians, Artists, Students, and Actors" can be purchased by writing to It is $35 and covers financial aid for college, grant seeking for nonprofits, college savings plans, and more.

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  1. This is a great topic and especially during a recession, emergency grants for individuals is a timely topic indeed. What a great service by Preethi Burkholder to host a free workshop. That is a true service indeed. Would love to buy a copy of her book "Finding the Money." Preethi Burkholder is an excellent writer.